Written & Produced by: Lain Volta Trzaska

Chiptune Memories was produced in a Tracker DAW with sounds generated by Microchips from old synths, computers and game systems.

Every sound, including the drums were generated from old microchips with the exception of vocals and one pad sound each song.
All the elements were then mixed, keeping the dynamic range and medium bass to emulate an 80's demo release but with a modern twist.

The album ends with a transition from memories (chip sounds) into the present (non-chip sounds), hinting at a dark end to the story.

By Your Side

Look at us now, travelers through time
Pictures and sounds, Pixels turn into lines
Let's never forget the echoes of our time
In your memories take my hand to the other side

Can you believe time has passed us by
Like a fading satellite
Let it be me standing by your side
Make the feeling alright

Moving too fast, fading beyond all doubt
Trying to last, time is running out
It's never to late to turn it around
Remember love in your mind

All the dreams it took away
and ourselves still age away
As the end gets closer
Come take my hand
I'll be always by your side

Can you believe
Time has passed us by
Like a fading satellite

Standing by your side

Chiptune Memories

A wish upon a star
A new beginning shining from afar
I knew i had to go
To a place where i could find myself and grow

So i flew towards the stars
Flew towards the galaxies so far
But i do remember anyway
Melodies that made me sing

I remember
You and me
Chiptune fantasies
Come with me
Because i need you

You hold a fire
My desire
My secret emotion
Total devotion

And when you whisper it
I will listen to your oldschool melody
Chiptune memory

Nostalgic Vibes

Let me recall for a while
Nostalgic vibes in me
When we could spend all night
Just hanging out, you and me

I am your memories in pain
I am the love you lost in vain
I got it
You want me

So many places i could be
Sense of adventure got me beat
I got it
You want me

Let me recall for a while
Nostalgic vibes in me
Take me away
You've got to set me free

Can't you see im nothing at all without you
Don't just walk away
Mystery surrounds you my love
Don't just walk away

Artificial Love

You are my brightness in the night
Flashing colors, pixel light
Remember times when you and i
Were more than lines on a device

Staring into my reflection
Emotions typed in front of me
It's nothing more than a deception
I miss the way it used to be

Our lives have been digitized
Compressed in size

If we could see through these lines
Change for tomorrow
Break from what we've become

Artificial love
Fade with me in now
Artificial life

Nothing more than a deception

Meet Me There

There is a storm outside waiting for me
Time is running out i've got to hurry

I'll meet you there
On those winding stairs that go to the city
Are you waiting on me

That day.. I remember

8bit Adventures

On the longest days of summer
To the longest nights of winter

I feel like taking you on adventures
I feel like taking you on a trip of sound

A chiptune adventure
A trip to another time

Into the Blue

Looking at our reflections of what we used to be
Washing away, a fading memory

We're standing knee high deep into this rising sea
Were we all this blind or willing not to see

But we see now
Things we hoped to never see
and We feel lost between us

You and me standing knee high deep into the sea
But it only takes one love to change our history

Glitch Me On

Your sacred motion
Your sound
It takes me higher

Just love emotion
No fear
Takes me higher

So glitch me on
Give me another chance


I'm out of my mind because of you
Can't deny it, i was fooled

You took it all away from me
In exchange for a belief

I tried everything and nothing caved
I gave it all yet nothing changed
All in chains
All the same

The road ahead is inviting me
With open arms ready to set me free

It's giving me directions on where to go
But i keep slipping myself back for more

There is something stuck, missing inside of my head
Maybe one more time.. i could find myself again

So let go of the chains over my mind
My chains over my head