she‘ is Multi-Instrumentalist and producer Lain Trzaska, born 1983 in Krakow, Poland.
He is currently working under a major label (pony canyon) but is still releasing free music by himself.

Introduction to music making:
At a young age, I got forced into Violin and Piano schools, both professional schools and personal tutors, by my parents. But it wasn’t anything I was interested in at that time. My interests were in comic writing and drawing. When I was around 12, my parents purchased a casio synth that could record and save data and it was at that time I first experimented with actual song structure and doing my own melodies.

In 1997, at the age of 14 my parents bought our first computer and I got introduced to the software FastTracker Back then I used to create my own 2D games and applications, and with FastTracker I could create my own songs for my games. My brother and my friends used to have small competitions of who could make the “coolest” song, this drove me away from the games and into music making.

Why ‘she’ and why do you use a female as an avatar?:
I have always had an interest in design and illustration. It came a time in my life where the question got asked:
“Should I improve my drawing and aim for a drawing/design carrier or should I aim for a music one?”

Drawing and designing has always been something I really enjoyed doing. Yet, I couldn’t simply let the music go. So I decided to start a new project.

This “project” was based upon the idea that the characters and stories I created could be colored by the music I do. Different albums would be different characters in different situations/locations and the sounds and music would communicate the characters feelings and create a story. Returning sounds and melodies would hint at interaction between characters from other albums and somewhere in there, the listener would find himself creating images and events in his head, completing the story. It just happened that the first character was a girl and I didn’t have a “band name” so I chose ‘she‘ for it’s simplicity. Thats how the use of female characters stuck as well.

What’s the story behind the first release “Emit and Exude?”:

I wanted something to represent a feeling of “coming into existence” and also something that represented me deciding on what to do. The first character has no name or face, it is the only character that was “born” from the music and not the other way around. Therefore I chose “Reborn” to be the title for the first song. The second song, “Trains”, as the name suggests is her traveling towards an uncertain future. After that it’s up to everyone else to decide what the other songs on the album represent.
The character makes a small re-appearance on “Digital Ambient Designs” as the cover for that album suggests. There is also the “Traveling by night” song connection, but I dont want to spoil more.