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New Album and Nights update

I have been working on a coloris/chiptek esque album for almost 4 months now and I am glad to announce that the album is ready for release.

The new album ‘orion’ is a japanese Digipak CD release, but will also be available on iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and other online stores. If you liked coloris and chiptek this album is definitely for you. Click Here to enter the orion Story Wesbite.

I will be going back to my regular schedule after the release of orion in September to continue on the Nights album, Finaly.

Nights will be a departure from the dance electronica and will explore more dark, industrial and ambient worlds and I know alot of you out there have waited for this for a long time.
Expect something fresh from Nights.

But in the meantime, check out the story clues for orion and enjoy the new album in September. Thank you for hanging in there and for your continued support.