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Trying to write music for two albums at the same time has proven to be much harder than I thought, even more so when the albums are very different in sound and composition.
I started out planning a prequel story for the Days album back in 2008 after I released the Chiptek EP.
During the production of Nights I have experienced many difficulties with software and hardware. This lead to a short hiatus and a total re-write of all songs.

During this time I have also been planning the upcoming major release album for Pony Canyon, the label I singed to last year. This album is due by the end of summer 2009 and sports a dance/electronica sound.
Unlike the Nights Ambient structure with no vocals (lyrics), the new major release from she will have vocals on nearly all songs and this needs extra attention.

It has gotten to the point where I rush songs just to try and finish the Nights album on my set deadline, in April. I have only had about 4 weeks of real production time for Nights with another 2 weeks to go
(In contrast; coloris took 5 months of production and 2 weeks plug/release planning).
I should have never taken on Nights after the first hiatus but at the time I felt confident enough to do so.

Most of the tracks for the Nights album are done, but I dont feel like the whole package will be complete unless I add extra production time for it.
If I add more time, the other album would suffer from it and I dont want to risk that. I dont want to release something that isn’t 100% done.
Because of this I have decided not to release Nights before autumn 2009 and I apologize for any RAGE this might cause, I feel this is the right decision to make at this time.

Lesson learned. Back to producing “the other album”.